Operational Improvement

How can we work smarter?

How can we stay agile?

We support you to become more effective every day by focusing on establishing operational improvements, insight intro reducing cost structures, reducing waste and improving operational efficiency. In am more and more challenging environment, the challenge is to work smarter and more efficiently.


Resource Optimisation

As operations of civil society organisations become increasingly globalised and supply chains grow more complex, organisations must become more cost efficient and effective at delivering what their beneficiaries need and donors require. Often these systems, processes and procedures have been developed historically over decades, but do they „make your boat go faster“?

We facilitate a systematic analysis of processes and systems, embracing collaboration, pursuing integration, and enhancing capabilities — while understanding and respecting the mindset of the civil society.

Management Services

We provide management services, which allow your organisation to reduce costs by outsourcing service functions. With our agile governance model and efficient local structures we can offer classical support functions for civil society organisations such as administration, monitoring or reporting. Our attractive rates help you to save funds and to spend them where they belong: your mandate work.

We also provide highly qualified Interim managers to private and public clients in cases of urgent, temporary and special circumstance management needs.

  • Cost Reduction
  • Interim Management
  • Management Services
  • Process Optimisation
  • Resource Optimisation