Strategy Formulation

Where do we want to go?

What do we want to be?

Strategy is the framework of choices that determine the nature and direction of your organisation, cooperation or movement. To make these important decisions, you need quality information about internal and external trends, different perspectives and expectations, as well as a comprehensive process leading your strategy formulation team through key steps. Our strategy process is tailor-made for international CSOs, local CSOs and CSO Networks to provide you with the strategic framework you need.

Facilitating Your Strategy Formulation

We guide your team through the strategy formulation process to ensure that the strategy is developed effectively, with full participation, clear thinking, and considering different perspectives. In many situations, especially when people come together with different functions, cultures and views, good facilitation makes the difference between success and failure.

Our facilitators have a wide range of tools, from Balanced Scorecard, Theory of Change, Blue Ocean and others, allowing you to choose those tools, which add highest value. We create the working space required for success and ensure that stakeholders become owners of your strategy.

Strategy Review – A Health Check

We review your strategy against criteria that test its assumptions and decision making parameters to ensure it is as effective as possible. Our facilitators will ask is your strategy based on sound assumptions about developments and trends in your operating environment, or does your strategy have blind spots to disruptive change?

We explore if your strategy inspires employees, and, beyond this, serves across your organisation as a practical guise for priority setting in daily operations.

A strategy heath check is an investment in success!

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  • Strategy Formulation
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