Strategy Implementation

How can we get there?

How can we change?

Strategy implementation is THE hot topic for chief executives and Board members in civil society. Looking at the results, this conclusion comes as no surprise: It’s estimated that more than 60% of strategies are not successfully implemented. Over the years we have fine-tuned and field tested a portfolio of services to support you on the transformation of your strategy into blockbuster results.

Implementation Planning

We guide your team through the strategy formulation process to ensure that the strategy is developed effectively, with full participation, clear thinking, and considering different perspectives. In many situations, especially when people come together with different functions, cultures and views, good facilitation makes the difference between success and failure.

Our facilitators have a wide range of tools, from Balanced Scorecard, Theory of Change, Blue Ocean and others, allowing you to choose those tools, which add highest value. We create the working space required for success and ensure that stakeholders become owners of your strategy.


Organisational Culture – The Iceberg

“The world is changing and ICSOs will need to change too, which requires adapting their organisational cultures to become more responsive to new developments. If your organisational culture resists rather than embraces change, any strategy to navigate disruption will misfire.”

Burkard Gnärig,
CEO of the International Civil Society Centre

We support you in the analysis of your organisational culture, the identification of key drivers for change and the sustainable development of your organisational culture.


We have broad experience in analysing programs and services, and evaluating results, and can assist you with:

  • External evaluation for grant funded projects
  • Stakeholder perception development
  • Formative and summative evaluation
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Strategy execution
  • Change Management
  • Evaluation
  • Implementation Audit
  • Implementation Planning
  • Inclusive Development
  • Organisational Culture Development
  • SDG Implementation
  • Strategy Implementation