Tailored Advice

We work first to understand our clients. Unless we do this we cannot provide the advice that will work in your organisation.

Our unique facilitated review approach unlocks the knowledge that exists within your organisation, identifies the barriers to maximising impact and provides the insight that will unleash the potential of your people and organisation.

From this initial review we can build an ongoing partnership that delivers shared accountability for impact. We can assist, as required, in the design, implementation, and review of strategy, accountability frameworks and operational processes and systems that enhance effectiveness and focus resources in to where they will have the most impact.

Our approach will stretch your boundaries and challenge your thinking. We will ensure you never reach beyond your capacity to absorb and manage change, but we will ensure you never stand still either.

When you are ready we can work with you to develop partnerships and introduce impact accelerators that will increase your organisations scale, reach, and maximise its impact.

Access to Global Networks

Our networks reach across sectors and are truly global. Our reputation and relationships mean that we can open doors to partners, collaborators and funders that are outside of your existing network.

Because we will have developed an in-depth understanding of your organisation, its culture, values, vision, and the impact you want to have we can identify mutually beneficial partnerships that will work to maximise your impact.

Like our work at an organisational level, we facilitate partnerships and work alongside organisations to make sure that the partnership is working for all involved and delivering the impact expected.

Working with the Direct Impact Group enables you to not only access our extensive network, it means you will be introduced to the best partners for you. No more hopeful exploratory meetings and networking events, just more time to maximise your impact.

Funding for Impact

Social impact doesn’t happen without access to the funding required. In a world where traditional funding models are being challenged many organisations are facing an existential threat.

The work we do with you to future proof your organisation and develop partnerships that increase impact will equip you to attract the funding that will secure your future.

We work with traditional fundraisers to maximise the funding you can attract from these sources, but we also recognise that accelerating and maximising impact will often need new thinking.

We are consistently pushing the boundaries of funding models, testing new initiatives and creating funding instruments that can open up significant new sources.

Examples of new funding models that we can explore with you include:

  • Impact investing

  • Debt

  • Equity

  • Social enterprise

  • Spin-off business

This thinking flows into how we work alongside our clients to develop partnerships, design programmes and implement cultural and operational change.

Understanding potential funding opportunities and implementing what is needed to make the most of them can require substantive change in skills, approach and culture.

While it is becoming clear that new funding models will play a much greater part in funding social impact, knowing what and how to adapt to these and maintain your purpose is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today.

Having a trusted partner, who knows your organisation and the impact it wants to have, provides you with the security needed to explore the options and make sure you are well equipped to manage them.

Global Insight, Local Application

Keeping up with the increasing pace of change and feeling in control of the things that are impacting on your ability to operate at maximum effectiveness is a constant challenge.

We can provide you with the insight to ensure you are as well informed as you need to be, without the stress of trying to find the time to do it yourself.

Our team is working at the forefront of change and, because we first work to understand your organisation, we can advise our clients on the latest impact drivers that are right for them.

Through our global presence we can see the changes that are happening before they reach your local context. This means you can benefit from being first to market without the risk that often comes with it.

Rather than sending a generic email that you need to sift through for the content that relates to your situation, we can keep you across the relevant material. We use this insight to challenge and stretch your team’s thinking on what they can do next to maximise your impact within the context of your readiness and capacity to implement effectively.

When required we can also dig deeper into areas you need more insight in to and deliver research that is applicable for your organisation. We will provide you with ideas that are tailored for you, and most importantly, implementable. Making informed decisions on change can mean that you are ahead of the game and able to achieve greater impact.