Organisational Development

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi


The ability to maximise social impact is reliant on strong and fit for purpose organisations.

Culture, Strategy, Teamwork and Structure all work together to determine how effective your organisation’s impact is.

The Direct Impact Group will work with you and your team to understand how ready you are to affect the change you want.

Our extensive review process will identify how the interplay between culture, strategy and practice affect your ability to maximise social impact.

We can work with you to make sure your organisation is best prepared for maximum impact through:

Organisational Review
Organisational Review

Organisations that want to maximise their social impact work towards this goal intentionally.  

They understand that achieving their best requires more than just a good strategy, it needs the whole organisation focused on working together towards the same objective.

The Direct Impact Group approaches our work with organisations focused on looking at culture first. 

Why culture?  Unless culture is aligned across the organisation and works to enable everyone to deliver their best, no amount of work on strategy or structure, systems or processes will be truly effective.

Built on a review model of culture building blocks, developed in conjunction with senior leaders from the large international organisations, we explore with your team the future readiness of your organisation. 

Once we understand the behaviours and drivers of the organisation and its people, we review with you the strategy, structure, systems and processes within this culture centred context.

This comprehensive, organisation wide approach enables us to identify what you need to do more of and where change will make the most difference.  Rather than broad recommendations we will provide defined actions that will increase your organisational efficiency, improve resource management and build the culture, systems and capabilities needed to deliver into the future.   

Whether you are embarking on a new strategic plan, implementing a new plan, or reviewing progress mid-cycle this process will deliver you with the context, insight and recommendations to maximise your impact.   

Vision, Values and Strategy Facilitation
Vision, Values and Strategy Facilitation

Unlike other consultancies, we do not preempt any aspect of what will work for your organisation.  We recognise that no one knows your organisation better than you and your team.  

Because of this we work to facilitate the process of developing the Vision, Values and Strategy with your team.  Our process will bring out the best in your people, with the insight of the wider Direct Impact Group team added to the mix to challenge thinking, generate ideas and establish a pathway to maximised impact.  

In a disruptive, fast paced world the traditional strategy development process no longer works.  Having fixed three or five year plans, with defined tasks and activities means organisations are often left working towards end outcomes that are outdated by the time they are realised.  

We will assist your team to develop truly strategic objectives that can be achieved using a more agile implementation plan.  This will enable your organisation to best manage changes in your operating environment and to benefit from advances that will accelerate your impact.

Strategy Implementation
Strategy Implementation

A great strategy is of no value unless it is well implemented.  Whether you are developing and implementing a new strategy or reviewing the implementation of an existing strategic plan, having a clear roadmap for making the strategy a reality is essential.  

In the complex organisations and disruptive environments that you work in, this plan needs to be adaptive to change while still focused on delivering the impact you intend. Creating agility and focus seem to work against each other in traditional implementation models.  However, they do not need to be points of compromise or conflict if the right plan is developed.  The Direct Impact Group will work with your team to build an agile plan that keeps the intended impact as the main thing.  

By building the structure and processes around an agile implementation you can be assured that your team will be well positioned to respond to change and disruption, adapting tactics throughout the strategy cycle to mitigate new risks and take advantage of new opportunities.  

Measuring progress towards impact is important, both in terms of being sure the work being done is making the change intended and in assessing where effort needs to be increased or changes need to be made.  

Traditional evaluation processes tend to be focused on end of project assessments, where the outcomes are finalised and the impact experienced.  A more agile implementation requires understanding what the drivers of impact are, measuring these effectively and making changes as and when needed.  

Measuring impact is an iterative process throughout the project and not something done at the end.  We will work with your team to establish a set of measures that will provide meaningful insight into progress towards the impact you intend to have. Once these are established we will develop the process to capture these measures with as little additional effort as possible in a way that can best inform ongoing decision making.    

The Direct Impact Group can work with your team as a roadmap designer, implementation coach or project manager depending on your internal capacity and needs. 

Accountability Frameworks
Accountability Frameworks

Organisations which seek social impact need to do this credibly and effectively. They have to live what they demand from others. Accountability means being transparent on what the organisation is, what it commits to doing and the progress it has achieved. This includes using power responsibly and demonstrating engagement with key stakeholders in meaningful dialogue to enable continuous improvement. 

We believe that accountability is an organisational culture, not a box ticking exercise.  With our accountability framework, we provide a 360o health check, testing your organisation with a system view and providing benchmarks and best practice from across the sector. Our accountability development plans prioritise areas of improvement and coordinate the change needed.  

The Direct Impact Group is also able to align your accountability needs with the leading accountability measures.  Our partnership with Accountable Now and engagement with other leading measurement models means we can work with your existing platforms to build real accountability.  

While establishing your current performance is important, it is meaningless if it is not measured on an ongoing basis.  The Direct Impact Group has developed a Stakeholder Perception Analysis tool that enables you to get regular feedback from all the stakeholders in your work.  This tool is designed with one objective in mind; to give you a regular, clear picture of how your stakeholders view the impact you are having.  Whether they are a community member, client, staff member, partner or funder, their perception is their reality and the ongoing success of your programme will depend on them believing your work is having a positive impact.